Create Different Types of Websites With WordPress

The number of different you can build using WordPress just by adding a plugin or two might amaze you.  To give you an idea of what’s possible with WordPress here are a couple of examples of sites that you can setup relatively quickly in WordPress and start profiting from.

Different Membership Sites

Using either free or paid WordPress plugins, creating a membership site can be highly profitable for your business.  There are many different membership models that you can use ranging from:

Very cheap to high end on the cost side or Fixed length to never ending membership term.

It’s a good idea to know which model you are going to base your membership site on before starting.  For those wanting a free membership option, you can use S2-Member plugin to set up your membership site. If you are ready to invest a little cash, we highly recommended the Wishlist plugin to create your membership site.


Want an Ecommerce Store?

Whether you are selling a service or product, having a WordPress eCommerce store is a great addition to any site, plus it can increase the profitability of your business.  Setting up an estore is relatively simple with WordPress and there are a wide variety of plugins to choose from to get started.  WordPress eShop is a great free plugin that you can use, or for a paid plugin “WordPress eStore” does the job, also allowing the sale of secure downloads as well as physical products.

Looking to Build a Community?

If you run a community or business group then it’s very easy to make your website more interactive with your members, giving it a more community feel.  BuddyPress is a free plugin that allows your members to share more of their information, create and join groups and connect with each other.  You may even consider giving each member their own blog to promote.

Let Your Portfolio Shine

If you are a designer, photographer, or any other type of business that wants to show off their portfolio to site visitors then WordPress provides several options to meet your needs.  Simply make sure that you pick a theme that either allows the addition your portfolio to the site, or has an option for a dedicated portfolio page.  WP Portfolio is a free plugin that will help you get started.

Need a Niche Site?

Having a niche site is very popular with many Internet marketers where you choose your niche and add regular content to your website with the view to getting search engine traffic.  Many of these sites are monetized using Google Adsense and/or with affiliate links.  They are very simple to set up, just like a very basic WordPress site and then you can add a plugin such as Adsense Integrator, which also allows you to add other affiliate links too.

These are just a few ideas of the different types of websites you can create with WordPress.  Don’t stop at setting up one of these examples, you can always combine several of these ideas into one site, your choices are endless and so is the profits you can make with them.

Author: Daniel Brown

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